In the beginning God made all things good-like a new car straight from the factory.  The first humans God created were perfect and so was the world He made.  God gave humans life, and they found their fulfillment in Him and in overseeing the earth as God intended from the beginning.

The first inhabitants chose to disobey God, and thereby separated themselves from God-the source of life. This brought death and its corruption upon all creation and humans.  The newness (the perfection) was lost.

God loves His creation and the humans He made.  Because the special relationship with God was broken and humanity was enslaved to death and corruption, God became like one of us so He could be judged in our place. His name is Jesus. He gave  Himself as a sacrifice and was judged in our place in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago so that all who believe in Him can be declared not guilty and made righteous before God.  Our sin can now be forgiven through the God-man, Jesus Christ.  His sacrificial death on the cross was a great victory.  His love won.  His love broke the powerful chains of sin and death that held us hostage.  Because Jesus Christ’s death was successful in atoning for our sin, the Father in heaven resurrected Jesus after being in the grave for three days. Now we can be reconciled to God, and our relationship with Him restored (made new again) through believing in Jesus Christ-the God who became man.

One day the resurrected Christ will return to make all things completely new-the world and all those who believe in Him and what His death and resurrection accomplished.  Until His return we can join with Him through faith and seek to follow Him. Upon his return He will finish in full the work He has started.  This is the gospel-this is the good news.  God wants you restored and your relationship with Him made new again.

Right now you can confess to Christ that you are a sinner who has disobeyed Him, and ask for His forgiveness. He will then forgive you, and your relationship with Him will begin anew. Begin following Him by getting baptized, learning about Him in the New Testament of the Bible, and by getting connected to His church. 

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