Who We Are

We are people just like you. We also are a 
people seeking to know the God that is written about in the
 Bible. Many of us have come to experience the difference
 that He makes in our daily lives. We do not 
push what we believe upon others, and we invite you
 to find out for yourself by reading the Gospel of John and
 by visiting us any Sunday morning at 11am.



We believe the church is a family. Our fellowship times are informal. We dress casual, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and take time to find out what the Bible teaches. You will find us to be friendly and
 welcoming to everyone regardless of race, familial status,
or life’s difficulties.



We are not associated with a denomination and our guide for living is the Bible (please see We Believe located on this website).


Our Goal

Our goal is to join with the God of the Bible in His desire to restore humanity’s relationship with Himself. We seek God’s grace that we may love Him (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and love others. We desire to be a community that is honest, caring, accepting, and supportive amid our imperfections.